Celebrate Women’s History Month With Queens Gaming Collective x Funimation

Queens Gaming Collective

The worlds of anime and gaming are coming together as we celebrate Women’s History Month! That’s right, Queens Gaming Collective x Funimation has arrived, and we’ve got a month of festivities planned for you.

The main event will be three weekly Twitch livestreams, starting March 12, where the players from Queens Gaming Collective will walk us through their anime journey, the shows and characters they love, and what it’s like to be in the gaming industry.

Here’s the schedule:

Friday, March 12: All Rise with Kayla DeLancey, Erica Nagashima and Maid of Might

Friday, March 19: All Rise with Bloody, CRAY, AvaGG and BlackKrystel

Friday, March 26: All Rise with Xmiramira and helloiamkate

Be sure to head over to twitch.tv/queensgg and follow so you’ll be ready when the streams start.

Throughout the month, we’ll also be featuring individual Queens on the Funimation Blog as they tell us the things about anime that inspire them and offer advice to women in the entertainment industry, from gaming to anime and beyond!

All this month, we’re also featuring the women of anime right here on the Funimation Blog! Stay tuned for more amazing spotlights throughout the month.