Fruits Basket The Final Season Trailer Prepares Us for Closure

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Nicholas Friedman
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No, you’re already crying. Thanks to our amazing partners at TV Tokyo, we’re excited to reveal the emotional main trailer for Fruits Basket The Final Season, which arrives dubbed on Funimation this spring!

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If you’ve read the Fruits Basket manga or started picking up the plot points toward the end of Season 2, you’ll know that the next chapter of the series is a bit darker, focusing more on character relationships, and the origins and consequences of the zodiac curse.

The trailer offers us a look at how Tohru and Kyo’s relationship is developing, along with highlights featuring Yuki and Akito. Overall, the trailer is a more reflective look at the events of the series so far, reminding fans that the time for closure is nigh. This isn’t just about cute animal boys anymore.

Fruits Basket The Final Season begins its simulcast in Japan this April, and the English dub will stream on Funimation as part of the Spring 2021 anime season lineup.

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