Ren and Akira Soma Voice Actors Arrive in Fruits Basket The Final Season

Akira Soma

Two more additions to the Soma family are joining the cast for Fruits Basket The Final Season, and thanks to our partners at TV Tokyo, we’re excited to reveal their Japanese and English voice actors!

First up is Ren Soma, Akito’s mother and Akira’s wife, who will be voiced in Japanese by Ai Orikasa (Tenchi Muyo!, Gravitation). She has yet to appear in animated form.

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In English, Ren will be played by Katelyn Barr (My Hero Academia, Chihayafuru), who said her love of Fruits Basket goes way back, since it was the first manga she ever read back in high school. She previously voiced young Ritsu in Fruits Basket Season 1.

Akira Soma

Then there’s Akira Soma, Akito’s father and Ren’s husband. He’ll be voiced in Japanese by Akira Ishida (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Food Wars!). This will also be his first appearance in the anime.

In English, Akira will be voiced by Chad Cline (91 Days, Hetalia), and longtime fans will know this isn’t his first time in the world of Fruits Basket.

Fruits Basket The Final Season arrives in English dub this spring on Funimation. Are you ready to feel all the feels? Share this post and let us know! And stay tuned to Funimation for the latest news on all things anime, this season and beyond.