Porter Robinson, Waboku and Mah Collide For Animated Musician Video

Porter Robinson Musician

It’s been four years since Porter Robinson’s “Shelter” music video roused the anime community with its bittersweet story and beautiful animation sequences. Fans of the artist were finally treated to another animated music video called “Musician,” and unsurprisingly, it’s a certified bop! 

This time around, Robinson collaborated with Waboku and Mah, who are best known for directing and animating Eve’s music videos (“Tokyo Ghetto, “Dramaturgy”). “Musician” is from Robinson’s upcoming sophomore album Nurture, which will release on April 23.

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The single was initially released on March 3, but the music video premiere was a much-needed present for fans who’ve been waiting patiently for Robinson’s return to the music scene. 

The music video follows a young boy with elf ears running away from a group of suited, humanoid robots. The setting blends sci-fi and fantasy elements and juxtaposes machinery and Mother Nature.

The lyrics directly speak about Robinson through the pre-chorus, “Then you sigh: / ‘You know I love you, so I think I should tell you, Porter / This life: isn’t it time that you grow up?’” The song is full of reflection on the DJ’s part, but it’s also uplifting for the listeners. 

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Porter Robinson made a name for himself by producing EDM and pop songs with a sound unique to him in the early 2010s. After the debut of his first full-length album debut, Worlds, he received a Grammy nomination for “Ghost Voices,” which he produced and released under the alias, Virtual Self. He took a six-year hiatus but has finally returned with a solo album this year!

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