Interview: MaidofMight Talks Inspiring Characters and Her Dream Anime Team


As part of our Queens Gaming Collective x Funimation collaboration for Women’s History Month, we spoke with some of the team’s incredible gamers and content creators to talk about their love for anime and what it’s like to work in the industry.

This week we’re featuring MaidofMight, prolific cosplayer, streamer and actress! She fell in love with comic books at an early age, and has since perfected her ability to recreate characters she’s inspired by.

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With a more recent entry to the gaming space, she loves to share her magic and experience of transformation with fans, geeking out using her deep roots in pop culture.

Check out the full interview below and stay tuned for even more celebrations of the incredible women of anime throughout the month of March, and beyond!

What has your anime journey been like?

Goku Dragon Ball Z Family

MaidofMight: My anime journey definitely started with watching Sailor Moon as a child. I loved that there was a team of female friends with amazing powers and fun personalities that I could relate to!

Sailor Venus was even one of my very first cosplays. After Sailor Moon, I started watching several series like Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z and others that I could catch on cartoon channels.

How do you think the worlds of gaming and anime blend together?

MaidofMight: Gaming and anime both have the potential to bring us rich storylines and characters that we can learn from and relate to! A lot of times they work hand in hand to expand stories and create a richer experience for fans!

Which anime characters do you vibe with the most? What’s special about them to you?

MaidofMight: My favorite characters are definitely the ones I am least like. I really admire the fun bold personality of Yoko from Gurren Lagann and the strength of Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z.

These characters have helped inspire me to find my own boldness and strength in my own life!

What are some anime you’d recommend to fellow gamers who aren’t sure where to start?

MaidofMight: My favorite anime series of all time is PSYCHO-PASS, I always recommend that one to people looking for a more serious storyline about crime and psychology.

If you are just looking for a fun ride however, Cowboy Bebop and One Punch Man are always fun places to start! 

Do you have any series that you and your friends or family have bonded over?

MaidofMight: The easiest way I have created bonds with people is through cosplaying characters from my favorite anime! When you meet someone cosplaying from your favorite series there is almost and instant connection!

I will always have a special bond with all the girls who were a part of my first-ever Sailor Moon cosplay group!

The anime and gaming spaces have changed a lot for women over the last few years. How have they changed for you?

MaidofMight: I have personally experienced a lot of gatekeeping in both communities, but over the years it has become just a more welcoming and accepting space!

Embracing my love of all things nerdy—be it comics, anime, video games, anything really—has become so much easier and appreciated!

Final question: If you had to build out a team for your favorite game using only anime characters, who would you pick?

Spike Spiegel

MaidofMight: One of my favorite team games is Dead by Daylight and if I were building a team to survive, I would pick Akane Tsunemori for her stealth and quick thinking, Light from Death Note for his intelligence, Spike from Cowboy Bebop for his boldness and Saber from Fate/Zero for her courage!

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