Make Your Own Akudama Drive Executioner’s Sword Handle Papercraft

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Ever wondered what it would be like to have your very own version of the Executioner’s swords from Akudama Drive? We’ll, we’ve got a special craft just for you!

Haruo Miyagawa, a mechanic designer who worked on Akudama Drive, made an amazing papercraft version, and he sent it to us so we could share it with all of you! We’ve got all the step-by-step instructions written out below, or you can follow along with our video walkthrough.

To make this, you’re going to need:

The templates sheet
– Scissors
– Tape and/or a glue stick
– 3-4 sheets of printer paper (can be scrap paper, so long as it’s full-size)
– Some sort of long and thin round object like a chopstick or a pencil.

Having a pair of tweezers handy is also recommended, since handling some of the smaller pieces is a little easier with them.

Before you start any of the construction, cut out all of the pieces from the templates sheet. Be sure to keep all of the Part G pieces together, or label them with a pencil so you don’t forget which piece is which.

Part E should be all one piece, so don’t cut it in the middle! Strips 1, 2, 9 and 10, along with 3-8, are all separate, so you can cut those apart into their individual pieces at this time as well.

Everything cut? Great! Now you can start the actual construction!

Making the base of the handle

1. Take your 3-4 pages of printer paper and cut them so that they’re the same height as Part A. (That’s the one with the crosshatch pattern on it.) Be sure you DO NOT cut the papers to be the same width as the Part A template.

These pieces of blank paper are what’s going to make the core of your handle, so you want to be sure there’s enough!

2. Take your round object and use it to help roll the paper into a tube. Be sure you don’t tape or glue the paper to your round object! You’ll take it out once you’re done rolling.

Double check the ends to make sure they’re aligned. You’ll want them to be flat so that it’s easier to attach the end pieces later on.

3. Take some tape or a glue stick and secure the ends of the paper so that the tube doesn’t unravel when you let go. Don’t worry about it looking pretty. This will all be covered up.

4. Remove the round object from the center and wrap Part A around the paper core. The edge that says “Glue” should end up hidden under the opposite edge.

Tip: We recommend taping or gluing that bottom edge to the core, just to make sure that the piece doesn’t accidentally slide off the core at any point.

5. Glue the top edge onto the section that says glue.

6. Wrap pieces 1 through 10 around the designated sections on the handle. Glue the side with the number to the handle first, then wrap the piece around the specified section and glue down the other end to secure.

Tip: We recommend doing sections 3 through 8 first, since the other sections are going to be thicker so it’ll be a little harder to work in between them if you do those first.

For sections 1, 2, 9 and 10, you’ve got two long strips for each. Double wrap each of those sections so that they’re really raised up. For section 1, be extra careful to wrap so that the paper is even. The edge of your handle should be flat.

7. Make sure that Parts B and C match the size of our handle. Hold up Part C to the bottom end of your handle. If it’s wider than the handle, trim it down so that it’s the same circumference.

Do the same thing with Part B at the top of the handle. You should also cut out the hole in the center.

8. Glue Parts B and C onto their respective ends!

9. Set the handle aside to dry.

Making the belt clip and the tassel

For the belt clip, you’ll be using Part D. You’ll want to be sure that you cut down these lines to free up these flaps for folding.

Tip: After you’ve done that, fold along every line in toward the center of the piece. Be sure to really crease these folds. It makes it easier to glue everything together.

1. Push the long center part together to form a box shape. Then glue the underside of the top piece to secure it to the piece below.

2. Then work on the two ends one at a time. One side will be rectangular, while the other will be more curved. When folding the flat sides, be sure to glue the end flap to one of the side flaps first, then glue the other side flap on top of those.

Tip: This is where those tweezers come in handy if you have them.

3. Set the belt clip aside to dry.

If it didn’t turn out quite how you wanted, you can always print out another template sheet and try again!

For the tassel:

1. Cut along the lines on Part E and the two Part F pieces to make the actual tassels.

Tip: You might want to use a box cutter here if you have one, just be sure you’re cutting on a safe surface and away from yourself!

2. Glue the two Part F pieces to Part E. Line them up along the glue lines, with one on each side!

3. Give it all a second to dry before rolling the entire thing into a tube, then folding along the two lines so that there’s flat section in between the two tassel ends.

4. Set aside to dry.

Making the tassel cradle

1. Cut out the square sections in the top right and left corner of Part G1. You don’t need them.

2. Accordion fold each spike so that they’re the same width as the rectangle above. You’ll need to make sure that you’ve cut between each spike all the way up to the rectangle so that you can fold them all the way.

3. Glue each section down. Whether you glue each section down immediately after folding it or wait until you have all of the sections folded then glue them all at once is up to you.

4. Fold the top rectangle back and glue it to the opposite side.

5. Bend the entire piece until Part G2 fits over the pieces you accordion folded. Glue it down so that the piece retains its arc shape.

Putting it all together

1. Take the tassel piece that you made earlier and place it over the cradle piece that you just finished.

2. Use Part G4 (the smaller of the two strips you have left) to bundle the tassel together and ensure it doesn’t come off the cradle.

To attach the tassel to the handle:

1. Glue each slide of the cradle to opposite sides of the bottom part of the handle.

2. Take part G4 and wrap it around the bottom section of the handle to cover up where you just attached the cradle.

Tip: Be sure to glue the bottom end to the base before wrapping to make sure it doesn’t slide off.

To attach the belt clip:

1. Glue the end with the rounded edge to the top part of the handle, just above where you wrapped the two section 9 strips.

And that’s all! Congratulations, you now have your very own Executioner’s sword handle!

Want to see some of the English voice actors trying out their crafting skills? Watch them battle it out above!

And, as always, be sure to follow Funimation everywhere for more awesome anime content.

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