Funimation Co-Production She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man Arrives This Year

she professed herself pupil of the wise man

We’re excited to announce the latest Funimation co-production, isekai fantasy She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man, will be arriving later this year!

From KADOKAWA and studio A-CAT (LBX Girls), She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man follows Sakimori Kagami, a young man who’s spent four years perfecting his avatar in the online VRMMORPG Arch Earth Online.

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Going by the name Dunbalf, he’s known across the land of this virtual world. But one night before bed, Kagami uses an in-game vanity case that’s about to expire—opting to create his ideal version of a female Dunbalf avatar for fun.

Waking up, he’s surprised to find that he’s now in the body of the avatar he created the night before, and he’ll have to work his way from the bottom up! So he’s a young dude, playing an old dude, who is now playing a young girl—who is still that old dude.

Which brings us to Mira:

Mira is described as a beautiful summoner who identifies herself as Dunbalf’s pupil. And if you’ve been keeping up, you’ll remember that she is Dunbalf, which means her abilities are the same as his. Despite her youthful appearance, she speaks like an old man.

We can’t wait for you to meet more characters from the series! In addition to everything above, our partners at KADOKAWA have also revealed the first key visual for the series!

Based on the light novel series of the same name from Choko Fuji and Hirotsugu Ryuusen, She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man streams exclusively on Funimation later this year.

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