DeNA and Bandai Namco Arts Team Up for Classical Music Battle Anime and Game

Musical Battle Anime

A classical music battle anime? That sounds fantastic. Bandai Namco Arts and DeNa (Pokémon Masters EX) have announced that the two are collaborating on a new project called takt op, based on classical music.

The project will include both an anime and a video game, and will focus on girls that are infused with power from musical compositions, using those music-based powers to do battle. Check out the overview trailer:

Several promotional trailers were also released showcasing characters from the project, as well as their voice actors.

The voice cast includes Kaede Hondo (Mirai) as Unmei, and wields the power of Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5,” Natsu Yorita (Healin’ Good Pretty Cure) as Mokusei, wielding Gustav Holst’s “Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity,” and Maria Sashide (Asteroid in Love) as Kirakira-boshi, who wields Mozart’s “Ah vouz dirai-je, Maman.”

Two additional characters were also revealed. There’s Carmen, voiced by Yumiri Hanamori (Laid-Back Camp), and Walküre, voiced by Sumire Uesaka (Overlord).

Carmen is based off of the song “Carmen” from French Composer Georges Bizet’s opera, ands Walküre is based off of Richard Wagner’s “Die Walküre”.

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