Interview: helloiamkate Talks Strong Female Representation and Renting Anime Tapes


As part of our Queens Gaming Collective x Funimation collaboration for Women’s History Month, we spoke with some of the team’s incredible gamers and content creators to talk about their love for anime and what it’s like to work in the industry.

This week, we’re talking to helloiamkate, a Los Angeles-based gamer and cosplayer who’s been playing video games since she could hold a controller. She loves immersing herself in new worlds and stories.

When she’s not playing video games, she’s watching anime, playing Dungeons & Dragons, practicing archery or volunteering for local charities.

Check out the full interview below!

Tell us about your anime journey. What has inspired you?

Utena Screenshot 4

helloiamkate: My anime journey started when I was very young, maybe four or five. I would go to the local library and rent Sailor Moon and Revolutionary Girl Utena VHS tapes.

I would get any clothes I had in my closet to dress up like the characters. I so badly wanted to be Sailor Moon, and I think that anime in particular really sparked my love for it.

How do you think the worlds of anime and gaming work together?

helloiamkate: I think they work well together in that they’re amazing storytelling outlets. I am a sucker for a good narrative, world building and rich characters.

Anime and gaming have the ability to make you really feel like you’re a part of a different world and allow you to connect to characters on a different and more personal level.

What about characters? Who do you vibe with the most and what’s special or unique about them to you?

helloiamkate: I always gravitate towards two archetypes…the edgy/angry type, or the psychotic/yandere. I think the edgy/angry ones have so much room for character development and seeing that is really satisfying, and I like the yandere type characters because you never know what to expect with them.

They are a wild card that can completely change the pace of a show.

What anime would you recommend to gamers that might not know where to start watching?

my hero academia deku

helloiamkate: It really depends on the type of media you’re interested in! One of the greatest parts of anime is that there are so many genres, so there really is something for everyone.

Some of my favorites that I think are good starters are Parasyte, Fullmetal Alchemist, Attack on Titan or My Hero Academia!

Are there any anime series you and your friends and family have bonded over?

helloiamkate: Really, every and any anime that I’ve enjoyed, I have been able to bond with people over.

Seeing the way other people connect to the characters and stories, and comparing them to how you do yourself, is something that can really bring you together.

The gaming and anime spaces have changed a lot for women over the last few years. How have they changed for you?

helloiamkate: I think one of the biggest things that I’ve noticed is how they write women in anime and games. One of my biggest grievances growing up was not having many female characters that I could connect with.

Now, they are written with so much more depth and care, and really bring a lot to the story. It’s really nice being able to have more strong women to connect with.

Final question! If you had to build a team or party for your favorite game using only anime characters, who would you choose?

mikasa attack on titan EOD

helloiamkate: My favorite game is Halo. If I had to choose three anime characters to join me in that world, I’d have to choose Saitama (One Punch Man), Mikasa (Attack on Titan) and Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul).

Between all of us, we’d have strength, speed and quick thinking. The Covenant couldn’t stand a chance.