Quirks & Questions: The My Hero Academia Fan Question Column Returns!

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Nicholas Friedman
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To celebrate last year’s My Hero Academia Season 4, we launched Quirks & Questions, a weekly column where you could submit your questions about the wildly popular superhero adventure My Hero Academia!

And, look, there were some wild questions.

Ever wondered if Todoroki could hold an ice cream cone? Or maybe what All Might watches on his day off? And…what kind of cake does Aizawa like?

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Now, we’re bringing it back for Season 5! That’s right, Quirks & Questions has returned, and it’s once again your chance to ask any and all questions related to My Hero Academia, and a handful of them will be answered every week!

Make sure to submit your questions below and stay locked to Funimation and the official My Hero Academia Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts every Friday for a new batch of Quirks & Questions. You never know what you’ll find out!

In the meantime, make sure to catch up on all things My Hero Academia subbed and dubbed, right here on Funimation.

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