How to Grow Your Own Anime: A Step-by-Step Guide

Asta Black Clover Flower

Ever finished a great anime but wanted more? Found a show that’s brilliant, but needs something extra to make it perfect for you? We’ve all been there. 

So, to all the budding creators out there who dream of growing their own perfect anime—we’ve got you covered!

If you’ve always wanted to tweak your favourite anime: make it funnier, remove a filler episode, get more screen time for your favorite character…then here’s your step-by-step, completely foolproof guide to growing the BEST anime, completely catered to your tastes.

Step 1: Planting

First, let’s talk timing. The best time to plant your anime is four to six weeks before the start of a new season—you need time for the storyline to mature before harvesting your crop.

Make sure to use premium grade anime seeds for best results, planted in a 50/50 mix of potting soil and composted con tickets. 

Step 2: Watering & Light

From the off, you’ll need to ensure that your anime plant is receiving the correct amount of Light and water to grow. For a serious, gritty storyline you’ll need to exclusively use direct Light and keep the soil dry.

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For comedic, slice-of-life vibes, give plenty of water and place on a sunny windowsill, but avoid Light.

Extra tip: it helps to play the OP of a similar anime non-stop to help grow your plant’s genre.

Step 3: Extra Care

My Hero Academia Season 4 Cultural Festival

Now’s the time to finetune the details of your anime. Fancy a beach episode? Make sure to mix some extra fine sand into the soil at the 3 week mark.

For a Christmas theme, decorate your growing anime plant with fairy lights and baubles. If you want to avoid filler episodes, clip the offshoots and remember to train your anime plant with a trellis.

Step 4: Harvest

Asta Black Clover Flower

Once your anime plant has flowered, you will start to see the fruits of your labour emerge. During the first week of the new season, select the largest, juiciest episode.

Every week, a new episode will ripen for you to enjoy. Expect to yield approximately 12 to 26 episodes per season, and with special care, your plant will continue to grow and produce new episodes for many years to come!

Happy April Fools’, everyone! 🙂

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