Mamoru Hosoda’s Belle Reveals New Trailer, Collab With Disney Designer & Cartoon Saloon

Mamoru Hosoda Belle

The brilliant Mamoru Hosoda‘s next film, Belle, has revealed a brand-new trailer and info drop, highlighting the collaboration between Studio Chizu, Disney designer Jin Kim (Frozon, Big Hero 6) and Cartoon Saloon (Wolfwalkers).

The latest trailer was posted Thursday to YouTube, showing Belle protagonist Suzu as she enters the online world of U, turning into the freckle-faced, singing princess, Belle! As Suzu struggles to balance real life with her online persona, she encounters a dragon-like beast.

Directed by Hosoda, Belle‘s production features a number of animation industry collaborations. First up is with Cartoon Saloon, who has staff working on the film. The Irish studio has made recent headlines for its award nominations for Wolfwalkers.

Then there’s Jin Kim, who is working on character designs for the film. Kim previously worked on Disney films Tangled and Moana, as well as Frozen and Big Hero 6.

Belle officially hits theaters in Japan this July. Hosoda’s previous films The Boy & The Beast, Summer Wars, Wolf Children and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time are currently available from Funimation.

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With an Avengers-like creative team behind Belle, it’s no wonder the film looks gorgeous and is highly anticipated. We can’t wait to watch!

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