Kamen Rider BLACK SUN, Shin Kamen Rider Announced at 50th Anniversary Event

It’s the 50th anniversary of Kamen Rider, so you know it has to be done big. Toei has officially announced two new Kamen Rider projects, in addition to the just-revealed FUUTO PI anime series!

These projects were announced during the special live 50th anniversary event for Kamen Rider, with Toei President Mr. Osamu Tezuka as a speaker, as well as staff from the Kamen Rider series, including fan-favorite producer Mr. Shinichiro Shirakura.

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These projects are part of the “grand schedule” developed for this special Kamen Rider anniversary.

First up is Kamen Rider BLACK SUN, a remake of the monumental 1987 series, Kamen Rider BLACK. The live-action series will kick off in Japan in Spring 2022, and will be directed by Kazuya Shiraishi, a “dark hero” of the film industry.

The series is deemed as the next evolution of the Kamen Rider franchise and the latest live-action series. You can check out the series’ beautiful logo, from calligrapher Souun Takeda-sensei, below.

Then there’s Shin Kamen Rider, a special project from Hideaki Anno (Shin Godzilla, Neon Genesis Evangelion).

Shin Godzilla released in 2016, and was distributed in North America by Funimation.

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