Check Out This Seriously PLUS ULTRA My Hero Academia Cosplay From The Mary Sue

My Hero Academia Cosplay

As part of the lead-up to the premiere of My Hero Academia Season 5, fandom site The Mary Sue surveyed fans to share some of their favorite hero cosplays, tell their cosplay stories and talk about their favorite My Hero Academia moments!

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And y’all, there was some seriously PLUS ULTRA cosplay featured in these seven cosplay features.

Day 1 brought us a meme-able Deku that we could all relate to, a reminder that Shinso is incredibly cool, and a Momo and Bakugo that are the definition of powerful.

Then Day 2 said hello to the new No. 1 Hero, Endeavor, a stellar Mei Hatsume cosplay and a Toru Hagakure that is packed with creativity. Invisible cosplay? Gotta love it.

And how about some of The Big Three on Day 3? We saw a fantastic take on Tamaki Amajiki, as well as a schooltime Kirishima and an Aizawa test shoot that totally crushed it.

Day 4 was all about dynamic duos, including Aizawa and Present Mic, a Fatgum and Kirishima team-up, and Momo and Jiro. And Day 5 arrived with Mirio and Mirko, two of the coolest recent additions to the series!

Day 6 took things back to 1-A with a showcase of Deku, Todoroki and Kirishima, the last of which had a pretty sweet Red Riot fit.

And things wrapped up on Day 7, of course, with the writer and The Mary Sue Fandom Editor Briana Lawrence sporting the All Might look! What a perfect way to wrap things up!

Me in a ballgown version of All Might

Want to check out all of the stellar cosplay? Head on over to The Mary Sue for even more! And stay tuned to Funimation for the latest on all things My Hero Academia.

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