Funimation Debuts Toy Photography From Mitchel Wu With My Hero Academia Collectibles


Look, we’ve all been there. You’re playing with your action figures and you imagine them going on action-packed adventures and battling in epic showdowns. So what if they actually did?

Funimation has teamed up with renowned toy photographer Mitchel Wu for some seriously PLUS ULTRA shots for two of its latest, exclusive My Hero Academia collectibles: the Deku & Bakugo Garden Gnomes and the adorable Baby Deku Mini Bust.

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First up, the gnomes. The scene here has Bakugo and Deku showing off their quirks as they wreak havoc on a garden scene. The effects are just fantastic.

Deku & Bakugo Garden Gnomes 2-Pack + Mitchel Wu Holographic Postcard

my hero academia collectibles

The best part about this one? You can snag the photography on an exclusive postcard when you purchase the gnomes from the Funimation Shop!

Then there’s the Baby Deku Mini Bust, which has everyone’s favorite young hero all dressed up as his inspiration, All Might! And the scene Mitchel Wu shot for this one is perfection.

my hero academia collectibles

Just look at all of Deku’s hero notebooks flying through the air! It’s a truly heroic scene for the budding hero, long before he even had a Quirk of his own. You can pick up the Baby Deku Mini Bust right here.

Keep in mind, the exclusive postcard is ONLY available with purchase of the garden gnomes, so if you want to bring a piece of this incredible photography home, you’ll want to snag those while you can.

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