Quirks & Questions: Who In Class 1-A Would Make the Worst PowerPoint Presentation?

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Anon asks: “What’s Best Jeanist’s favorite food/drink?”

Hi Anon, great question! When I saw this question, I knew I had to try and answer it. Unfortunately, we don’t have official confirmation on what said answer is, but we can make some guesses.

As for drinks, I think he must be a Pepsi Blue kind of guy, one who actively campaigns for it to return. And he’s in luck!

As for food, probably boiled denim.

(Though, if you want an official answer, Chapter 60 of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes confirmed he loved fried chicken as a kid.)

anonymous asks: “HOW IS DENKI DOING”

Well, he had an electrifying showing in a recent episode! Get it? Because he used his Quirk. I’ll be here all week.

Marianna asks: “Did you know that Tsuyu is incredible?”

Absolutely. Thank you for asking this question, Marianna. Also shout-out to the latest episode of My Hero Academia for reminding us that Tsuyu has the power to camouflage herself and spit out her own stomach to clean it.

Not sure we’d love having that last one. But the camouflage thing, for sure.

Ace asks “which of the Class 1-A kids would make the worst powerpoint do you think”

Ace, I love this question. On one hand, I’m a big fan of PowerPoint presentations. On the other, I love speculating which of these wonderful hero students would make the worst one.

You might think Denki is an obvious choice, but I disagree. Why? He seems more like a Prezi guy. For this one, we’re going with Mineta, because he probably can’t reach the USB port on the computer to start his presentation.


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