Quirks & Questions: Do Any of the My Hero Academia Characters Have a Favorite Vine?

Welcome to Quirks & Questions, a weekly letters column where you, a My Hero Academia fan, write into Funimation (that’s us) about all things related to your favorite superhero anime.

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Have questions about what’s happened so far on My Hero Academia? Want to share your love for the characters of the show? Just want to rant about what makes the series so great? We want to know!

Every week, we’ll answer a handful of your letters on the Funimation Blog, so be on the lookout because your question might just get an answer!

AzulStar asks: “Chicken Nuggets.”

This is a very important question, AzulStar, and I’m glad you asked it. Why? Well, a lot of people don’t believe it, but chicken nuggets. That’s right. Chicken nuggets. (Oh, and spicy nuggets!)

Anyway, watch My Hero Academia.

M asks: “What does Bakugo order at Starbucks?”

We’ll never know for sure, but I’d like to think it’s a simple order: A peppermint hot chocolate.

He certainly doesn’t need any caffeine, so whatever it is, it’s gotta be decaf. And he’d maybe put it in one of those sweet souvenir cups. Those things are expensive!

Nightmare asks: “What is All Might’s favorite Pokémon?

You know, Nightmare, it’s questions like these that keep me up at night. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to pair an adorable Pocket Monster with one of their favorite anime characters?

And while we don’t know what the official answer is, we can have some fun with it! The obvious one here is something like Machamp or Braviary, but I’d like to think he’s adventuring with, like, six Kakuna.

That’d be cool.

Toffles asks: “Do any of the My Hero Academia characters have a favorite Vine?”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Vine existed in this universe, which means…wait for it…speculation time!

I’d like to think Kaminari is a fan of being back at it again at Krispy Kreme, while Kirishima might wish everyone a Merry Chrysler. And Deku, well, Deku might just thank you for giving him an avocado.

I miss Vine. :/

That’s it for this week’s Quirks & Questions! We’ll see you next week. Until then, catch up on My Hero Academia Season 5, right here on Funimation.