Sonny Boy From One Punch Man Director and MADHOUSE Comes to Funimation

sonny boy anime

The team behind One-Punch Man Season 1 is returning for something truly special. Sonny Boy, an original anime from studio MADHOUSE and director Shingo Natsume, is officially coming to Funimation later this year!

This new series reunites the studio and director from the aforementioned shounen series and teams them with Hisashi Eguchi, character designer for the legendary Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue.

In addition to directing the series, Natsume is writing it as well—he came up with the story for Sonny Boy.

And while we all know MADHOUSE and Natsume make a great pairing, the art team is stacked as well. According to a tweet from Eguchi, who designed the characters for Perfect Blue, this is his comeback to anime after 18 years! He last worked on Uninhabited Planet Survive.

The theme song for Sonny Boy was written by Kazunobu Mineta of the band 銀杏 BOYZ. It’s called “Shōnen Shōjo.”

sonny boy anime

Sonny Boy is a sci-fi survival series with a stacked 36-student cast of characters. Uprooted from their middle school lives, these students end up in another dimension and have to fight to survive.

No word yet on an exact premiere date, but we’re incredibly excited to be welcoming Sonny Boy to the Funimation family. In the meantime, you can catch all of One-Punch Man Season 1, right here on Funimation.

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