Happy Birthday Luffy! One Piece Worldwide Top 200 Character Popularity Results Revealed

top one piece characters

At the beginning of the year, Shueisha launched its One Piece World Top 100 popularity poll, which would tally votes from across the world to determine the most popular characters of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, standing as the first worldwide popularity poll of the series—and, just in time for Luffy’s birthday, the results are finally in. 

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Surprising no one, four of the first Straw Hats made the top four: Luffy at number 1 (duh), followed by Zoro at number 2, Nami at number 3 and Sanji at number 4—the order they joined the crew, no less! Trafalgar D.

Law took up the fifth spot, remaining in the top five even while considering the popularity of the other Straw Hats. 

Nico Robin and Boa Hancock came in at numbers 6 and 7, with Carrot taking a surprise spot (perhaps the biggest surprise of the top 10, since she didn’t break the top ten in Japan) at number 8, Ace and Sabo taking the 9th and 10th spots. 

Another surprise was Yamato, who quickly became a fan favorite, which was reflected in their position in the top 20, taking rank 11, as well as Chopper, often a massive fan favorite (because he’s adorable), who only took rank 16 — though top 20 is nothing to scoff at.

Other noteworthy rankings in the top 100 include Vivi coming in at rank 21, the Going Merry taking spot 32 (are boats considered characters?), Woop Slap taking spot 37, Blackbeard only taking rank 48, many of the Land of Wano characters being amongst the top 60, the massive upset of Karoo only making it to rank 75, and supporting characters like Bellemere making it into the top 100. 

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Both because fan favorites made high rankings and because of some upsets and surprises, the results have proven to be quite the hot topic amongst One Piece fans across the world. You can check out all top 100 characters here!

Did your favorite characters make the top 20? Or the top 50? Who got robbed and who’s overrated, you can decide for yourself with the top 100 results below!

Additionally, the poll goes up to rank 200, so you can see the full results below:

You can also learn about all the characters you don’t know (or re-watch some of their best eps) by streaming One Piece here on Funimation!