Overlord Season 4 and New Movie Officially Announced

overlord season 4

Rejoice, all you monsters and minions! A new season featuring our favorite undead guild master is on the way!

Kadokawa announced Saturday that Season 4 of the hit isekai series Overlord is currently in the works. But that’s not all! An all-new theatrical-length movie is also currently in production, which is set to depict the Holy Kingdom Arc.

The announcement also included two stunning new visuals: a teaser visual for the anime and a special visual from so-bin, the artist for the light novels.

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so-bin also shared that they’re especially excited for Overlord Season 4.

“At last, Volume 10, one of my particular favorites, is being animated. I sure would love to experience that impression of gobsmacked ickiness I felt when reading the manuscript, now in anime form. Looking forward to it!”

MADHOUSE (Hunter x Hunter, One-Punch Man) is once again at the helm for the new season, with Naoyuki Ito returning once again as director.

“At last, the fourth season of the anime and the theatrical movie are in production,” Ito said. “We are working hard to ensure that the show will be satisfying to both fans of the original versions and those who only follow the anime. You’re going to love it.”

Other returning staff includes Yukie Sugawara handling the series structure and screenplay, so-bin as the original character designer, and Satoshi Tasaki on character design.

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The main cast will also be reprising their roles, including Satoshi Hino as Ains, Yumi Hara as Albedo and Sumire Uesaka as Shalltear.

The first season of Overlord originally aired in July 2015, with both Overlord II and Overlord III airing in 2018. The anime series adapts the light novel series of the same name written by Kugane Maruyama, featuring art by so-bin.

“Total episode count and how far the story will go are still a secret, but honestly, it seems like I hear the clamor of footsteps charging up from behind,” said Maruyama. “Yikes. But ignoring the pressure that an author feels, I will genuinely be delighted to have you all enjoy the show. But really, yikes…”

There’s no word yet on specifics like a release dates for either of the new projects, so stay tuned here for more information as it’s released.

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