Tokyo Ghoul Creator Officially Launches New Manga, Choujin X

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Calling all Tokyo Ghoul fans! Mangaka Sui Ishida has announced on Twitter that his newest manga series, titled Choujin X, has officially been serialized! 

The series was originally announced in November of last year. Ishida shared an image that offered a sneak peek of the characters and the grimdark tone of the story.

There was no official release date at the time of the announcement, but after months of waiting, fans can now read the first chapter of Choujin X on MANGA Plus and Shonen Jump!

Choujin X will have an irregular release schedule, as Ishida will be working on chapters at his own pace. According to VIZ’s summary, the series is about becoming a monster to fight one. 

Tokyo Ghoul was first serialized in 2011 and ended in 2014. The story follows Ken Kaneki who turns into a half-ghoul after almost getting eaten by a ghoul while on a date. The follow-up sequel, Tokyo Ghoul:re, continued the story to its ending in 2018.

An anime adaptation of both series premiered in 2014 and 2018, respectively. As a best-selling series with millions of copies sold, Tokyo Ghoul received OVAs, light novels, video game adaptations and live-action adaptations.

After Tokyo Ghoul:re’s completion, Ishida worked on Jack Jeanne, an opera-themed otome game developed by BROCCOLI for the Nintendo Switch. The game released in Japan on March 18 this year. Ishida tweeted that he is working with developers to localize the game in English. 

How excited are you to dive back into Ishida’s beautiful illustrations and compelling, dark stories? Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on Choujin X, and don’t forget to stream Tokyo Ghoul with subs and dubs on Funimation!

Source: Sui Ishida’s Twitter account

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