Scarlet Nexus Anime Reveals New Key Visual, Trailer & Character Art Ahead of Summer Premiere

Scarlet Nexus

If you’ve been waiting for more info on the upcoming Scarlet Nexus anime series, then today is your day! Thanks to our partners at Sunrise, we’re excited to reveal the latest key visual for the series, as well as some seriously stellar character art and a brand-new trailer.

The news comes just after it was announced that a demo version of the upcoming Scarlet Nexus video game would be made available first on Xbox Series X|S consoles later this month.

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First up, the newest trailer and key visual for Scarlet Nexus, featuring the series’ stacked cast of characters. It’s the perfect representation of what we can expect when the “brainpunk” series begins its broadcast.

We’re also excited to show off a batch of cool character art of Scarlet Nexus, featuring some of the characters you’ll see throughout the show:

Main characters Kasane Randall (VA: Asami Seto) and Yuito Sumeragi (VA: Junya Enoki).

Arashi Spring (Voiced by Yuri Horie), Gemma Garrison (Voiced by Ryota Takeuchi) and Hanabi Ichijo (Voiced by Tomomi Mineuchi).

Kagero Donne (Voiced by Daisuke Namikawa) and Kyoka Eden (Voiced by Yumi Hara).

Luka Travers (Voiced by Chinatsu Akasaki), Shiden Ritter (Voiced by Kengo Kawanishi) and Tsugumi Nazar (Voiced by Marika Kohno).

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