Get to Know the Rest of Class 1-A in My Hero Academia

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In My Hero Academia, U.A.’s Class 1-A is home to the heroes of the future. Of course, you’re probably already familiar with standout students Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki. You even know Ochaco, Tsuyu and Iida!

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But what about the other shining stars of the class who often aren’t front and center? These students don’t get a lot of time in the spotlight, but they all save the day in their own way, something we’ll get to see during Season 5’s Class 1-B showdown.

You know their faces, but you might not know their names. With this handy dandy cheat sheet, you’ll never forget the rest of Class 1-A again! Let’s get to know Ojiro, Koda, Sato, Sero and Toru just in time for them to shine.

Mashirao Ojiro 

Hero name: Martial Arts Hero: Tailman

Quirk: Tail

Ojiro is immediately recognizable by his muscular tail. (It also makes his hero name very easy to remember.) On the first day of school, Ojiro placed an impressive 7th overall in the class Quirk assessment test. The blonde hero is a gifted athlete who is well-trained in martial arts. He’s also adept at using his tail to increase both his strength and agility. 

Whether he’s using it for a jump boost or part of a spinning attack, Ojiro has precise control of his strong, prehensile tail. He’s acrobatic in the air thanks to the power and inertia his tail provides.

He works hard to devise unpredictable forms of attack, including techniques that don’t rely on his tail, to catch a villain off-guard.

While Ojiro’s pet peeve is being called plain—even the way he decorated his U.A. dorm room is unremarkable—he’s proven himself to be honorable, kind and a trustworthy teammate.

Hanta Sero 

Hero Name: Taping Hero: Cellophane

Quirk: Tape

Large adhesive strips fly out of this hero’s elbows. That’s right, it can only be Sero, the Taping Hero! Sero is one of the most easygoing members of Class 1-A. Even when the odds are stacked against him, he tries his best with a smile.

Likable and sociable, he has no trouble making friends. His dorm room at U.A. is tastefully decorated in earth tones with complementary patterns and textures. “That’s me, always expect the unexpected,” Sero tells his astonished classmates. 

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Sero’s Quirk, Tape, releases and retracts adhesive material out of his elbows at rapid speed. It’s effective at long ranges, capable of binding opponents in a surprise attack. It can also be used to strike a target, form a trap or shield, and reinforce an existing wall or barricade. Sero swings from the tape to traverse harsh terrain quickly. 

If you like superheroes with a smile, Sero’s your guy.

Rikido Sato

Hero Name: Sweets Hero: Sugarman

Quirk: Sugar Rush

Sato takes a sugar rush to the extreme with his Quirk! The 6’ tall hero temporarily increases his strength to superhuman levels when he eats sugar. He placed 12th on the Quirk assessment test on his first day at U.A.

Thanks to his size and power, Sato is a natural brawler. His Sugar Rush is quickly spent, however, so he has to ingest sweets shortly before a fight begins. Not only does Sato train in strength and combat, but he’s also an enthusiastic baker.

His clean and cozy dorm room has an oven for making sweet treats. (It’s more cost effective than buying all those baked goods.) His homemade cake is so tasty that it nets him first place in the dorm decoration contest.

Sato is thoughtful, often cooking and baking for his classmates, and surprisingly reserved. But he leaps into the fray without hesitation any time someone needs his help.

Koji Koda 

Hero Name: Petting Hero: Anima

Quirk: Anivoice

Like Ojiro, Koda placed respectably on the Quirk assessment test, coming in 11th in the class. His unusual appearance doesn’t give much of a hint about his sweet personality or his Quirk.

With a rock-like head and burly body, you’d expect Koda to throw some punches, but he much prefers a support role when the action starts. 

The soft-spoken hero has the ability to speak with animals and insects. His Quirk, Anivoice, subdues and commands those creatures to follow his directions to scout, attack, defend, and more. Shy and quiet, Koda’s training focuses on practicing vocal exercises to increase his range and overcoming his fears.

Koda loves nature and lives with his pet bunny in his bright, clean dorm room. 

Toru Hagakure 

Hero Name: Stealth Hero: Invisible Girl

Quirk: Invisibility

Toru might not place high among her formidable classmates in assessments or combat, but her strength is in stealth. You only know if she’s there when she wants you to. She is the Invisible Girl!

This Class 1-A hero excels at sneaking and staying visually undetected but continues to train hard to reduce any chance of being discovered.

Hagakure has also worked on extending her invisibility to bend light and temporarily blind an opponent through her Ultimate Move, Warp Refraction. 

As evidenced by her adorable dorm room décor, if it’s flowery, fluffy, or fruity, Hagakure loves it. She’s just as bright and cheery as her colorful room. 

Catch these heroes in action as My Hero Academia Season 5 continues, right here on Funimation!

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