D4DJ First Mix English and Spanish Dub Coming to Funimation

D4DJ Header 2

If you’ve been waiting for dub news on D4DJ First Mix before you dive in, we’ve got some news for you! We’re excited to announce that our partners at Bushiroad are bringing the English and Spanish dubs for the series to Funimation.

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That’s right, starting May 20, you’ll be able to experience all 13 episodes of D4DJ First Mix in English and Spanish dub formats, in addition to the series simulcast, already available on Funimation.

D4DJ First Mix

Official synopsis: After some time abroad, Rinku Aimoto moves back to Japan and discovers a unique surprise at her new school, Yoba Academy. The remixed beats and infectious sounds of an on-campus DJ concert deeply move and inspire her. With a beat of her own, Rinku looks to start her own unit of DJs with the help of newfound friends. Now they’re aiming for the high stage with a playlist of songs and ambition.

Check out the cast and crew for the series below!

Rinku AimotoEmi LoAndrea Higa
Maho AkashiKarin KagamiAgostina Longo
Muni OhnarutoLily PichuNoelia Lestani
Rei TogetsuAnairis QuiñonesLuciana Falcón
Kyoko YamateChristie CateKamala Videla
Shinobu InuyoseDivi MuseVania Garcia
Yuka Jennifer SasagoBrianna KnickerbockerMicaela Oddera
Esora ShimizuKayli MillsFlorencia Coianis
Saki IzumoDeneen MelodyMartina Panno
Ibuki NiijimaHeather GonzalesSolana Pastorino
Towa HanamakiBrittany LaudaCarolina Odena
Noa FukushimaMichelle MarieAngeles Lescano

Are you excited to watch the English or Spanish dub for D4DJ First Mix? Share this post and let us know! And stay tuned to Funimation for even more amazing anime headed your way, this season and beyond.