Quirks & Questions: How Many Cats Does Shinso Have?

Shinso Cats

Welcome to Quirks & Questions, a weekly letters column where you, a My Hero Academia fan, write into Funimation (that’s us) about all things related to your favorite superhero anime.

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Tanner asks: “Can Momo create a gaming console, like imagine she just made a Nintendo Switch and didn’t have to buy it?”

Great question, Tanner. And while there’s no way to know for sure if this is possible, we can certainly imagine the possibilities! Given that Momo would need to understand the material makeup of such a thing, that might take some time!

Not to mention…games? Would she need to know and learn the code? All very interesting thoughts. Seems like it might be easier to just buy one.

stxrmxxn asks: “Does Hawks or Tokoyami eat bird food?”

Look, I said cool it with the existential questions. How about this: Would you eat bird food? OK, sure, maybe some of the nuts and dried fruit are good because that’s basically people food…but…

I guess we don’t know for sure, but I’m thinking I might eat bird food at this point. So maybe they do too! Like, as a treat!

Mochii asks: “How many cats does Shinso have?”

Mochii, fantastic question. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any way to figure this one out. You know what that means…speculation time!

Shinso probably has 1,000 cats, if we had to guess. Who wouldn’t want to have 1,000 cats? Maybe 10,000? Or maybe 1. How many do you have?

Egg salad asks: “Does Aizawa drink Monster Energy drink? He seems like a Monster kinda man?”

Egg salad…come on. While no branded energy drinks are featured in the series, we like to think the answer to this is either:

a) He drinks like 40 Monsters a day and just loves dirt biking and monster trucks and maybe AXE body spray? Or…

b) He does not know what Monster is.

That’s it for this week’s Quirks & Questions! We’ll see you next week. Until then, catch up on My Hero Academia Season 5, right here on Funimation.