Mamoru Hosoda’s Latest Film Belle Has Found Its Lead

Belle Lead Actor

It looks like the latest film from Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars, Wolf Children) has found its Belle. Studio Chizu has officially announced it has cast Japanese musical artist Kaho Nakamura as the voice of Belle (a.k.a. Suzu) in the upcoming movie.

Belle is the protagonist of the film, and Nakamura will be providing the singing voice for the titular character as well. Given that Belle is a chart-topping songstress in the film, it only makes sense that Nakamura play both her online and offline counterparts.

Belle looks to explore humanity’s place in the virtual world, much like Hosoda’s previous work with the Digimon series or Summer Wars. The film will touch on themes including growing up, family bonds and the importance of friendship.

The upcoming film is planned for a release in Japan on July 16, and its crew includes character designer Jin Kim (Frozen, Moana) and directors Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart of Cartoon Saloon (Wolfwalkers), among others.

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Source: Studio Chizu/Belle official website