The One Piece x UNIQLO Collection Has Been Revealed and Wow, We Want All of It

One Piece x UNIQLO

Gol D. Roger’s treasure might be legendary, but the real prize we want is this One Piece x UNIQLO collection! (Well, we wouldn’t say no to the One Piece treasure, either.)

UNIQLO has joined up with the One Piece crew for a T-shirt collaboration featuring some of your favorite characters from the perennially popular manga and anime series. 

The graphic tee collection is inspired by the gang’s adventures in the Land of Wano. In this story arc, Monkey D. Luffy and the crew are going up against Kaido, Emperor of the Sea. UNIQLO’s collection features bold colors and striking graphic designs based on the crew’s Wano ensembles.

Trafalgar Law gets his own subtle homage in a simple black shirt with a neon orange illustration. Chopper and Komurasaki also take center stage in their bright shirt designs, and the Straw Hat Crew lines up on a vibrant blue shirt.

One Piece is counting down to 1,000 episodes this year, and this is the perfect shirt to celebrate the mind-boggling and incredible milestone! You can catch up on the new season or start from the beginning right here on Funimation.

The anime-inspired collection sets sail on June 10 in UNIQLO stores and online.

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Source: UNIQLO USA’s official Twitter account.