Quirks & Questions: What Anime Series Does Class 1-A Watch?

My Hero Academia Class 1-A

Welcome to Quirks & Questions, a weekly letters column where you, a My Hero Academia fan, write into Funimation (that’s us) about all things related to your favorite superhero anime.

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Ryan asks: “Does Mineta’s hair taste of grape?”


Fantastic question, Ryan. And it’s one to ponder. After all, his Hero name is Grape Juice. But if I had to guess, I’d have to vote no on this one.

Why? Well, I think he probably just calls himself that because his hair is purple, not because his hair or Quirk tastes of grapes. Open to being corrected though!

DoggoPlant asks: “Would roller coasters be a good way for Uraraka to train her Quirk?”

Ah, the ole motion sickness training! I actually prefer to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Space Camp™️ to fix my motion sickness woes. You know, that weird spinny thing the astronauts train with!

All being said, maybe! Unless you mean she should train her Quirk by using it on a roller coaster. If so, there will be a floating roller coaster somewhere. Which isn’t unlike that one part of the Jimmy Neutron movie. Hmmmmmm.

Reagan asks: “Do you think that Deku would have a YouTube channel dedicated to collecting All Might figure?”

What’s up internet! I’m not totally sure if YouTube exists in the world of My Hero Academia (Episode 81 shows a Gentle Criminal video on ‘Yap!Tube’), but if it does in the same form, I bet Deku has maybe thought about it at least once or twice during his pre-Quirk days.

I mean, collectors on YouTube can be a big deal! Some of them open trading cards and action figures or unbox super nostalgic merch. I think an All Might figure-focused channel would be pretty cool…

Alia asks: “What other anime do you think some members of Class 1-A would like?”

My Hero Academia Class 1-A

While all totally speculative, given we don’t know what anime exists in-universe, let’s have some fun with this one.

Tokoyami: Death Note, 100%.

Todoroki: Fire Force. Also has probably watched Death Note.

Kirishima: Dr. STONE.

Ochacho: ASTRA LOST IN SPACE and probably also Nichijou – My Ordinary Life.

I feel pretty good about that list. Which shows do you think Class 1-A would watch? Share this post and let us know!

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