Fruits Basket The Final Season Reveals the Voice of God

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Nicholas Friedman
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God is officially coming to Fruits Basket The Final Season. Along with our partners at TV Tokyo, we’re excited to reveal the Japanese and English voice actors who will portray the character in the series.

Hiroshi Kamiya will be the voice of God in Fruits Basket The Final Season, known for his roles as Levi Ackermann in Attack on Titan, Akashi Seijuro in Kuroko’s Basketball and Yato in Noragami.

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And voicing God in the English dub of the series is Matt Mercer, known for his roles as (also) Levi Ackermann in Attack on Titan, Jotaro Kujo in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Trafalgar Law in One Piece. He’s also Dungeon Master for the wildly popular Dungeons & Dragons podcast Critical Role.

Emotions are high and the tears are flowing in Fruits Basket and we’re feeling all of the feels. If you’re not caught up yet, you can catch it all right here on Funimation.

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