Quirks & Questions: How Often Does Bakugo Brush His Teeth?


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Sheridyn asks: “What do you think would be the first thing Class 1-A would do if they ever visited our universe for one day?”

My Hero Academia Class 1-A

Sheridyn, thanks for the awesome question. This one is interesting, because it’s honestly hard to imagine super-powered Heroes existing in our universe. But for some of them, like Deku or Ochaco, we’d like to think they’d immediately start helping out!

Some of the others in Class 1-A, though they would probably eventually start rescuing and assisting and such, might have some other plans first. Like Bakugo, who might get mad on reality TV or something.

Voxoz asks: “How often do you think Bakugo brushes his teeth?”

Voxoz, I honestly don’t know how anyone would have a correct answer to this one, but you did say “think,” so here we go!

Bakugo probably has some stellar dental habits! I mean, when you want to be the best Hero out there, you’ve gotta keep up with appearances, which means floss, brush and rinse every night.

Rin asks: “Does Todoroki snort when he laughs?”

I sure hope so. Snort laughs are the best.

The truth is, we don’t really know this one for sure. But…has anyone ever seen Todoroki laugh? I think he smiled once…

Rose asks: “Does Aizawa like coffee?”

I’m not certain we have prime evidence of this, but given how sleepy Aizawa always is, we’re guessing he either drinks so much coffee that it has no effect on him, or he doesn’t drink it at all and braves reality without a dose of caffeine!

Both of those sound extremely tough! Sorry, Eraser Head!

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