My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Movie Casts Kazuya Nakai as Main Villain

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Villain Reveal

Exciting news about My Hero Academia‘s third feature film just keeps rolling in, and today, it’s the big baddie and his distinguished voice actor!

Kazuya Nakai, best known for his role as Zoro in One Piece, will be joining the cast as an original villain designed by creator Kohei Horikoshi—Flect Turn, the leader of an organization called “HUMANIZE” that seeks to eradicate those with Quirks.

Nakai regards his character as “a kind of hero on the other side,” and says that he’ll do his best to “deliver a realistic antagonist suitable for the modern age where values conflict.”

No need to fear, though. We’ve already learned that the heroes get their own new original character in the form of Rody Soul, voiced by newcomer Ryo Yoshizawa (Her Blue Sky).

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My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is scheduled to release in Japanese theaters on August 6.

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Source: My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission official website, Twitter