Natsume’s Book of Friends OVAs Come to Funimation

Natsume's Book of Friends OVAs Header

Ready for even more mystical yokai hijinks? Just announced at the Funimation Summer Season Preview Event, we’re excited to be bringing the two Natsume’s Book of Friends OVAs, Natsume Yujincho: Ishiokoshi to Ayashiki Raihousha, to Funimation!

From our partners at ADK, these two Natsume’s Book of Friends OVAs bring more of the beautifully animated series to life, including a story of a small yokai who has been entrusted with an important task.

And the best part? They’re streaming on Funimation…right now!

Natsume's Book of Friends OVAs

These two OVAs join four seasons of the anime series already streaming on Funimation, as announced in April. So if you haven’t caught up on the series yet, now’s your chance to experience Natsume’s journey to help out all manner of spirits!

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