The Stranger by the Shore Streams Subbed and Dubbed on Funimation This July

The Stranger By The Shore Screenshot 1

There’s no better time for a love story than summer. Just announced at the Funimation Summer Season Preview Event, Kanna Kii and Studio HIBARI’s The Stranger by the Shore is coming to Funimation this July!

The romance film, which debuted in Japan in September 2020, follows young novelist Shun Hashimoto who was cut off from his family after coming out; and Mio Chibana, an orphaned high schooler who loves the ocean.

But as the two grow closer, Mio reveals that he has to leave Okinawa and head to mainland Japan. Three years pass—can love persevere?

The Stranger by the Shore will officially arrive on Funimation on July 9, in both subtitled and in English dub format. It will be available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Based on the manga series from Kanna Kii, director Akiyo Ohashi (given: Can’t Say Goodbye, I’m Still Drifting With Your Echoes.) and Studio HIBARI bring this incredible love story to life! Kii-sensei also worked on the character designs for the film (as well as Funimation co-production Sing a Bit of Harmony).

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The Stranger by the Shore stars Japanese voice actors Taishi Murata as Shun Hashimoto and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Mio Chibana. We’ll have more details on the English dub of the film soon.

The English dub of the film stars Josh Grelle as Shun, Justin Briner as Mio, Morgan Lauré as Eri, Bryn Apprill as Suzu and many, many more! Check out the full English cast list below.

ShunJosh Grelle
MioJustin Briner
EriMorgan Lauré
SuzuBryn Apprill
SakurakoAmber Lee Connors
AuntieJessica Cavanagh
Young MioSteph Garrett
Mio’s MomBrittney Karbowski
Young ShunMacy Morgan
Shun’s MomMonica Rial
Shun’s DadDavid Wald
Mimi’s Bar EmployeeCiarán Strange
WadaBrandon McInnis

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