Sonny Boy Debuts Funimation-Commissioned Key Visual For Sci-Fi Survival Series

The latest original anime from director Shingo Natsume, Sonny Boy, is almost here, and we’re excited to reveal a very special key visual commissioned direct from the team in Japan!

The visual puts the focus on three characters from the upcoming series—Nagara (in the middle), Nozomi (on the right) and Mizuho (on the left, with the cats!). And there’s also one more character in the back, Asakaze!

Sonny Boy enlists an ensemble cast to tell its sci-fi survival story, with a creative team that includes studio MADHOUSE, character designer Hisashi Eguchi, and music from an international group of artists overseen by the legendary Shinichiro Watanabe.

We can’t thank our partners at MADHOUSE enough for their incredible work in this special key visual and for their work on the upcoming series. We can’t wait to watch it!

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