Cheyenne Ewulu: A Comedian and Host Into All Things Anime

Cheyenne Ewulu Anime

Hey, y’all! I’m Cheyenne Ewulu, but some of you may know me as CheyenneTheGeek.

I’m a relatable and funny actress, host and entertainer with an expertise in all things geek culture. I’ve been featured as on-screen talent for a variety of entertainment outlets, including Nerdist, HBO, VIZ Media, Amazon Prime Video and, of course, Funimation.

I have been obsessed with anime and video games since the tender age of 7, and I always dreamt of being able to exist somewhere in the anime space professionally.

My favorite growing up was Dragon Ball Z, a show I’m very much still obsessed with to this day. And my favorite character is Future Trunks. Dragon Ball Z was the anime I would find myself running to after having a bad day.

Like, I was so obsessed, I used to write summaries after every episode in my own words in a diary that I stole from my mom. Because of Dragon Ball Z, and anime in general, this introverted kid was able to find a way to make friends.

Aside from Dragon Ball, I enjoyed shows like Yu Yu Hakusho, G Gundam, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note and more. I grew up with very strict, very traditional Nigerian parents who knew nothing about geekdom, but because of my obsession with Dragon Ball Z, my mother at least knew who Goku was. That was kind of a win!

My first-ever anime convention was AnimeFest in Dallas, and after that, I decided to get into the crazy expensive world of cosplay for a few years. And I was into it heavy. Like, seriously heavy.

My favorite character to cosplay was Korra from The Legend of Korra—I think I sewed that costume a dozen times. And I used to LOVE planning group cosplay with friends. It was a lifestyle for me.

And as far as my career goes, I originally thought I was going to end up either being a manga artist one day (what a dream, right?) because I loved to draw so much, or at least a voice actor, because I loved imitating the voices of anime characters growing up.

But the universe had different plans for me. After years of being on camera and making a name for myself in the nerd space on YouTube, I got my first broadcasting gig! It was a chance to finally work in the anime space—when Funimation asked me to co-host its Anime Expo 2019 livestream.

Now, two years later, inbetween network auditions and attending acting classes, I still host and create content for Funimation when I can! And I also have my own series like Funimation Flashback or Prime Video Anime Club, where I talk about all of my favorite anime!

I’m proud to say that even years later, as an adult, anime manages to still play such a big role in my life. I hope my journey with inspire other Black women in the LGBTQ+ community who have hopes of working in the anime space.

Never give up on your dreams. And most importantly—never be afraid to be a fan.