A Mom’s Guide to Anime: Summer Vibes

The world of parenthood is a magical, beautiful and often challenging place. It has its highs and its lows, similar to the world of anime. Of course, that’s without the magical outfit changes. Wouldn’t that make getting ready in the morning so much easier?

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As a single parent to an 11-year-old son, I sometimes use anime as a way to connect with him. Anime is something we mutually enjoy and is a great medium to discuss subjects without the pressure of feeling too serious. The aim of A Mom’s Guide to Anime is to use anime to help you navigate the world of parenthood.

This month’s focus: Summer vibes. There comes a special time in every child’s life when they say goodbye to homework and hello to no-work! Get it? It’s summertime!

For many, summer is the reward after a long school year. And this school year, kids had to adjust to all new ways of managing that. And, let’s be honest, your kids deserve some fun and a break. Sign me up for one of those, too.

This month, we’re planning for some sunny entertainment with some anime recommendations that scream summer fun! You and your kids can watch these together and get inspired for your own summer plans. As always, you are the parent and you know your child best.

Go for a swim like in the Free! series

Is this the most obvious choice? Yes. Is it a good one? Also, yes. Free! is a series centered around the sport of swimming. A lot of find the words “swimming” and “summer” to be synonymous, and for good reason: summer is got and pools are cool.

Free! follows five friends (and sometimes rivals) as part of the Iwatobi Swim Club. Together, they challenge themselves and have fun swimming! In addition to its sports, the series realistically depicts the growth from child to young adult, making it a perfect watch for teenagers.

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So whether it’s in your own backyard, a safe public pool or watching the boys of Free! on your couch, swimming is a great way to spend the summer. Just don’t forget the sunscreen (for those first two options!).

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Have a staycation like in Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest PA Works

With all of the changes in our world, it might be harder to travel right now. Many of us are used to taking a family vacation when the weather gets warmer, but we often forget there can be plenty of vacation right where we are!

In Sakura Quest, five young women find themselves working in local tourism, even though they all had plans for other careers. The series follows them in their first year on the job, learning about the village of Manoyama…and themselves.

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Odds are that where you live has its own interesting history! There are likely landmarks, museums, farms, forests, trails and more that you and your family can explore. You could plan a trip to the park or have a picnic! Sakura Quest is a great showcase on how you might not have to go far to have a fun vacation.

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Play some volleyball like in 2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team

2.43 Volleyball Anime

If there’s another sport that seems the most appropriate for summer, it’s got to be volleyball. And yes, while 2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team is about indoor volleyball, that doesn’t mean you can’y enjoy watching it this summer!

The series isn’t solely focused on the sport. Like Free! it deals with some serious moments or conflicts that teenagers face, which is why it helps to have your guiding eye as a parent. Still, there are amazing volleyball matches at play here.

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The Seiin High School Boys volleyball team works to give it everything they’ve got to make it to Nationals. And while you and your kids might not have the same pressures as Hajima and Kuroba, you can be just as excited to get out and play! You can pick up an inexpensive set for your yard, or head to a local park or YMCA. Just don’t forget to stay hydrated and have fun!

Watch 2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team on Funimation!

Eat some great like in Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family

fate spin-offs

Food is often one of the best parts about summer! There is something about cooking out on a grill and eating outside that feels euphoric. And we all know that anime food looks tastier than IRL food.

For this summer, why not serve up some delicious food like in Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family? Shirou is a skilled chef and the way he handles a knife is swordsman-like! Each episode features a traditional Japanese dish appropriate for the season the characters are in.

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As such, the Emiya family has enjoyed such delicacies as spring vegetable and bacon sandwiches, hamburger steak, fried chicken, and foil-baked buttered salmon and mushrooms. This series truly shows how food can bring us together!

Try making some meals together with your kids, show them family recipes or look up new ones. You can also try the recipes from the anime, which you can find online! As long as the dish is made with love, it will surely be delicious.

Watch Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family on Funimation!

But these are just a few suggestions to get your started on your summer vibes! What are you watching with your kids? Share this post and let us know!

And no matter what you watch or choose to do this summer, remember to have fun and be safe! As always, every show I mentioned can be streamed right here on Funimation. Have an amazing summer, and I’ll see you next month!