The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero Game Arrives in 2022, with Azure, Nayuta and Reverie in 2023

Trails From Zero The Legend of Heroes Header

Well, the long wait is finally over! NIS America officially announced that four brand-new Trails games will arrive in the near future, localized for the West!

The four games are The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero, The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure, The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails, and The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie. They will all be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Zero will be the first to release in Fall 2022, along with Azure, Nayuta, and Reverie arriving sometime in 2023.

Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure are part of the Crossbell duology, which follows protagonist Lloyd Bannings and his crew called the Special Support Section, which helps perform odd jobs.

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The city of Crossbell is in an ongoing territorial struggle between the Erebonian Empire and the Republic of Calvard. Azure takes place a few months after the events of Zero.

The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails is an action RPG, which is different from the mainline Trails games, which feature turn-based combat. This story follows Nayuta, who meets a fairy named Noi and results in him and his friends going on an adventure through multiple worlds to stop a great evil.

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Trails into Reverie is the latest entry in the series and features three protagonists: Rean Schwarzer from the Trails of Cold Steel entries and Crossbell’s Lloyd Bannings, as well as a masked figure named “C.” Trails into Reverie is the ultimate culmination of the events in the Trails series taking place in Zemuria.

It’s worth noting that only Trails into Reverie and Nayuta: Boundless Trails will be receiving dual audio options in both Japanese and English, while Azure and Zero will have only Japanese voice-overs with English subtitles.

Additionally, The Geofront, the website that was in charge of both Zero and Azure’s fan translations, announced they are entering a partnership with NIS America for the official releases of the Crossbell duology.

As such, its fan translations have been removed from the site and are encouraging everyone to support the official release when the time comes.

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Source: NIS America, Gematsu