New SK8 the Infinity Anime Project Announced

SK8 the Infinity

It looks there’s more SK8 the Infinity on the way! It’s been confirmed that a new anime project for the series is officially in the works.

On July 4, the “SK8 Masquerade of Love” event revealed that the skateboarding boys will return in a new anime project. No details followed the official announcement, but more information will be updated on the official website and Twitter account

But wait, there’s more! A two-part stage play production has also been announced, with the first SK8 The Stage play to open this December and the second part to open January 2022. 

SK8 the Infinity received a spinoff and main series manga adaptations, which were announced and published earlier this year. 

The original anime series was directed by Hiroko Utsumi (Free!, Banana Fish) and produced by studio BONES (My Hero Academia, The Case Study of Vanitas). 

Looks like SK8 the Infinity fans successfully manifested their dreams for more content! If you’re new to the SK8 club, be sure to check out SK8 the Infinity with subs and dubs right here on Funimation!