Gundam Goes First-Person in New 6v6 Multiplayer Game

Gundam Evolution Header

Suit up, pilots! BANDAI NAMCO has officially announced Gundam Evolution, a free-to-play first-person shooter featuring a legendary lineup of Mobile Suits.

The game was announced to have a closed beta test on PC in Japan in early August, with a full release planned for sometime in 2022. Gameplay is team-based, similar to others in the “hero shooter” genre.

In Gundam Evolution, players fight in Mobile Suits, complete with unique abilities and the option to switch between them. The game also sports a “Boost” system, though no additional details were revealed for it at time of announce.

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While the closed beta is planned exclusively for Japan for now, BANDAI NAMCO stated that the game will launch in multiple regions in 2022. More details are expected at a livestream on July 17 at 8 p.m. JST.

The first trailer for Gundam Evolution confirms a number of Mobile Suits, including Gundam, Asshimar, GM Sniper II, DOM Trooper, Sazabi, and Gundam Barbatos.

A list of suits can be seen on the game’s website, which includes even more not shown in the trailer, including Zaku II, Guntank, Pale Rider, Methuss, Turn A Gundam, and GM.

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Source: Gematsu