Mabel Joins Pokémon 25th Anniversary Celebration With New Single

Pokemon Mabel Music Video

The Pokémon 25th anniversary celebration continues with the latest musical collab for the series! International popstar Mabel unveiled her latest track “Take It Home” on Friday, with a monster-studded music video to boot.

Mabel’s “Take It Home” video features the singer falling asleep after watching a giant Pikachu and Celebi battle. She wakes up in an ethereal-looking hotel and is led along by Jigglypuff, as the pair of singers embark on a dreamy adventure.

The dance-pop song illustrates what it’s like to have a Pokémon and go on adventures together: “Run it, run it, come let’s go. ‘Cause you and me unstoppable,” and “Together we can’t lose.”

The video also offers a fun twist when Jigglypuff appears in the real world! Could it be Jigglypuff who lulled her to sleep?

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Mabel is just the latest artist to collab with Pokémon for the 25th anniversary, joining Katy Perry’s “Electric” and Post Malone’s cover of the hit Hootie and the Blowfish track “Only Wanna Be With You.” Post Malone also performed a virtual concert for the series earlier this year.

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Source: Pokémon official UK Twitter account