Series Creator, Staff and Fans Celebrate The Case Study of Vanitas Anime Premiere

The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 1 Screenshot 2

If you haven’t started your journey with The Case Study of Vanitas, what are you waiting for!? This stunning adventure has only just begun, so we wanted to share some comments from the anime’s staff, as well as fans, in case you need just a little more convincing!

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The team in Japan also shared this lovely illustration of the main characters. Take a look:

The Case Study of Vanitas Illustration

First up is the series’ original creator, Jun Mochizuki, who wanted to thank fans for their support of the anime!

The anime adaptation of The Case Study of Vanitas is moving forward thanks to your support.

The show has been blessed with a more-than-amazing crew, and while I keenly feel the pressure as the original creator, as a viewer, I can’t wait to see The Case Study of Vanitas as portrayed by director Tomoyuki Itamura!

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Then there’s The Case Study of Vanitas director Tomoyuki Itamura, who commented on the series’ setting in Paris, and inspirations on the relationship between Vanitas and Noé.

When you think of Paris, several things no doubt come to mind. They may include history, such as the French Revolution, Napoleon, and the Exposition Universelle; famous sites, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and Notre-Dame; art, such as Impressionism, Art Nouveau, and van Gogh; as well as gorgeous fashion, baguettes, and French cuisine.

The story unfolds around the pompous Vanitas and scatterbrained Noé, who have a rather reserved relationship reminiscent of Holmes and Watson. While they adopt cheery demeanors, it is apparent that the shadow of the past looms over each of them.

It was a daily struggle trying to grasp the emotional subtleties of their hearts.

The keywords here are 19th-century Paris, vampires, and steampunk. There is also a slightly gothic horror and dark fantasy atmosphere superimposed upon Parisian decadence. Our current place in time where we feel locked up makes me want you to experience their adventures in Paris all the more.

We’re so honored to be able to bring the experience of The Case Study of Vanitas to you on Funimation! And we were blown away by the support of fans across social media as well. Take a look:

Thanks to everyone above who gave permission for us to share your love for the series! Ready to start? You can catch The Case Study of Vanitas right here on Funimation.

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