Stock Up on All Things Dragon Ball With The Funimation Shop Ultra Instinct Sale

Dragon Ball Ultra Instinct Sale

How’s that Dragon Ball shelf looking? Ours could use some more figures. Perfect timing, because the Dragon Ball Ultra Instinct Sale on The Funimation Shop has officially arrived, and it is packed with options.

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There’s plenty to look through, but we want to call out a few highlights to make things a bit easier! Want to browse the whole selection? Check out the full list here.

Dragon Ball Z – Karin (Flocked) Funko Pop!

Dragon Ball Z Funko Karin

The latest Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop! exclusive from Funimation is a stunner, and the perfect go-to if you’re looking for some Senzu Beans. Though, you won’t have to climb a tower for this one.

Check him out on The Funimation Shop!

Dragon Ball Super – Goku Black Figure

Relive the evil of Goku Black with this stellar figure of one of the baddest villains in all of Dragon Ball! This model in particular arrives from the popular Dragon Ball Legends game, so complete your villain set with some pure evil.

Check him out on The Funimation Shop!

Dragon Ball Super: Broly – Gogeta and Broly XL FiGPiN 2-Pack

OK, but seriously, this set is awesome. They’re both super-sized and have this flittering finish as part of their power-ups. If collecting pins is your thing, we can’t think of a better addition!

Check them out on The Funimation Shop!

Dragon Ball Z – Complete Season 1–9 Bundle

Want to relive all of Dragon Ball Z? Not only can you do it right here on Funimation, but you can also add this gorgeous collection bundle to your anime shelf, and stare at it all day. Maybe that’s just me.

Check it out on The Funimation Shop!

Dragon Ball Super – Son Goku (Ultra Instinct) Model Kit

It’s not an Ultra Instinct Sale without the man himself, Goku! This six-inch model kit from BANDAI is the perfect project for a day at home. It’s also a great addition to any model collection!

Check him out on The Funimation Shop!

Already scored some collectibles from The Funimation Shop? Share this post and let us know what you picked up! And stay tuned to Funimation for the latest news on all things anime, this season and beyond.