Why The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent Is the Perfect Slice of Life Isekai

Saint's Magic Power Isekai

In the world(s) of isekai, we’ve been recently blessed (pun intended) with The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent—a show that, rather than focused on epic action and revenge plots, hones in on good vibes and wholesomeness! 

But that only scratches the surface of why this show is the perfect slice of life isekai. Originally a novel series that received a light novel and manga serialization, The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent features a female protagonist (whose name basically translates to “saint”), an ikemen harem, and a nice balance of comedy and romance! 

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Piqued your interest? Here are some reasons why The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent is an isekai anime that you should absolutely add to your watch list! 

This isekai is escapism from a harsh corporate world

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Isekai setups are usually a second chance for protagonists to live a new life, and while most are thrown into another world (usually by death), the protagonist from The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent, Sei Takanashi, gets summoned to the magical realm of Salutania after coming home late from work one night.

At first, Sei is restless after being told she’s not the Saint of this new world, and doesn’t have anything to do. Naturally, as a former office worker, she looks for work and comes across the director of the Medicinal Flora Research Institute, Johan Valdec. Instead of going through a formal interview process, Sei automatically lands a job at the Institute, and Johan, for the most part, lets her do whatever she wants. 

Sei doesn’t have to deal with working overtime, micromanaging or the interview process at the Institute, which already makes her new life a major improvement from the one she lived before. Although the Institute is full of men, her coworkers praise her for her curiosity, natural talents and useful knowledge from her old life rather than focus on her gender. 

In other words, the workforce in Salutania is a lot more forgiving and welcoming for Sei! 

Possessing powers doesn’t negate hard work

One critique that often comes up with isekai is that the main protagonist is too overpowered (OP). Meanwhile, Sei, who’s gifted with Saint powers, continues to refine and gain new skills at the Institute. She proves that talent and hard work can coexist, even in a fantasy! 

We see her motivation from the get-go when she looks for a job to keep herself busy, and as she “levels up,” her determination to hone her powers becomes more evident through her mentors. Sei eventually becomes a student of Yuri Drewes, the Grand Magus of the Kingdom of Salutania and the Director of the Royal Magi Assembly. While Yuri tries to figure out how Sei conjures her Saint powers, Sei is more concerned with how she can use them at will during dangerous expeditions.

Sei meets other mentors who help her realize her full potential, and in doing so, she sometimes forgets to take a break. This can be seen as a habit from her previous life where she worked late into the night and returned home exhausted.

It’s hard to break old (and unhealthy) habits, even for fictional characters like Sei! But that also goes to show that she’s every bit of a hard worker (human) as she is a naturally gifted Saint (nonhuman). 

Sei prefers to blend in with the background rather than be the center of attention

Saint's Magic Power Isekai

As the show gradually points toward the undeniable fact that Sei is the Saint, she’s also an isekai protagonist who’s a healer instead of someone who uses magic on the offense or brute strength. We often see healers as the supporting role, and ironically, this is true for Sei even though she’s the protagonist.

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In the beginning, Sei was summoned to Salutania alongside another person, Aira Misono. The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Salutania, Kyle, naively assumes Aira is the Saint and completely ignores Sei, even going so far as refusing to acknowledge her as the true Saint. Sei, on the other hand, is quite satisfied with the lack of attention if it means she doesn’t have to deal with everyone’s judgment of her. 

Sei plays the role of a Saint and a healer to a T, aligning with the show’s more laid-back approach to the isekai genre.

A slow-burn, wholesome romance helps Sei unlock her true power

Saint's Magic Power Isekai

If you’re a sucker for romance, especially for one that’s a slow burn and wholesome, you’ve got your package deal with Sei and Albert Hawke, the Commander of the Third Order of the Knights (he’s voiced by Takahiro Sakurai, so he’s extra dreamy!). 

Commander Hawke becomes an important person to Sei, not only because he treats her with respect and sincerity, but also because he’s the reason she attains Saint status with the power of love! It sounds cheesy, but it matches up with Sei’s motivation for becoming a more powerful Saint: to protect people, especially those she cares about.

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Whenever Commander Hawke’s life comes into danger, Sei’s Saint abilities unleash at full force, further emphasizing that he’s an important person in her new life. Whenever Sei and Commander Hawke interact outside of battle, the wholesomeness reaches a new level, as well as Sei’s shyness and embarrassment.

You have two adults with apparent feelings for each other, yet the show leaves us begging for more mushy romance between them! 

The female characters develop healthy friendships instead of rivalries

Saint's Magic Power Isekai

Speaking of relationships, Sei does meet other female characters in the Kingdom of Salutania. She becomes good friends with Elizabeth (Liz) Ashley, a noblewoman who’s engaged to the Crown Prince.

At no point do either of them get embroiled in misunderstandings that would lead to a rivalry or a falling out. As a matter of fact, moments when Sei bonds with Liz are when we get to see her relax and act like a young woman who can’t help but gossip about her love life and career! 

As far as rivalries go, the show seems to set up Sei and Aira to become bitter rivals because both were summoned from the same world and only one was declared a Saint by the Crown Prince. Later on, though, the show unravels the story through Aira’s perspective and we learn that she wants to become friends with the other young women at the Royal Magi Assembly, including Sei. 

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The good news: they do become friends! The show does away with petty rivalries between two women and instead develops their uncertain relationship into one of friendship. Aira also becomes friends with Liz despite getting Prince Kyle’s time and attention. Sei, Aira and Liz develop a friendship that’s just as sweet and wholesome to see as Sei’s blooming relationship with Commander Hawke! 

So, does Salutania sound like a fantasy world you’d want to get isekai’d to? Make sure to watch The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent right now on Funimation! By the way, you can listen to the opening and ending themes as well as the original soundtrack on Spotify!