5 Anime Worlds to Vacation in This Summer

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There’s something about the sunshine, warmer weather and clear blue skies of summer that has us dreaming of going on vacation. It sets off all of these signals inside us that say, “Go off on an adventure!” And in real life, we have plenty of beautiful places to see in the world, from tropical to metropolitan and even historical.

But the vast worlds of anime, well, we can’t physically go to these places, although we wish we could! For this piece, I want to talk about five anime worlds that would be great vacation spots. Some are within a realm of possibility, while others are beyond our realm of existence!

So grab your passports and let’s get traveling!

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

The fantasy world of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime would be an excellent choice for a vacation spot. With its lush, green landscapes packed with beautiful flowers and wildlife, there’s plenty to explore, like awe-inspiring waterfalls and natural hot springs!

But if the outdoors aren’t really your thing, you can also stay in one of the many villages that feature traditional Japanese architecture! These villages have sleeping accommodations, scrumptious food and bathhouses!

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While the world holds some danger, the adorable slime Rimuru and his crew are on the job. This world is the perfect getaway if you need a break from your day job. Hey, it helped 37-year-old Minami Satoru find new life, literally!

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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

If you really think about it, Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear protagonist Yuna is already kinda on vacation herself. She was just a regular school girl until she found herself inside her favorite game, World Fantasy Online.

The once indifferent girl is now happy and jolly! And this video game world could do the same for you! For starters, it has adorable bears…who can talk to you. They’ll join you on your adventure of completing fun missions that often involve helping out royalty.

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This vacation comes complete with a Victorian-style village stay and a castle. After a few missions and a visit to the royal palace, you can make your way to a relaxing beach with a sea that looks like it’s made of melting sapphire, glittering as it washes upon the shore.

Um, there may be, like a squid who wants to fight, but it’s nothing your talking bears can’t handle.

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APPARE-RANMAN! Screenshot 2

Perhaps the vacation you’re looking for is a long one. Maybe you’ve saved up all of your PTO and are ready to use it for a well-deserved break! What about a journey across America?

APPARE-RANMAN! follows a group of racers as they compete across America for an epic prize and glory. It’s a bit of a steampunk/early 20th century world, as Appare and his samurai partner Kosame work to find their way back to Japan.

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You’ll start your journey in Los Angeles and end in New York, seeing the sights along the way, in states like Colorado, Nebraska and Michigan, just to name a few. And the other travelers are from different places as well, which means it’s a great way to make new friends!

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Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star Mom's Guide to Anime

You might think that anime series that feature space aren’t the safest. After all, there’s a lot of drama going on up there. But in Outlaw Star, there’s a place that offers fun, modern amenities that is just perfect for a getaway: Blue Heaven.

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Blue Heaven is a free town inside of an asteroid, and it’s a popular destination for travelers…and outlaws. The city is adorned with neon signs and a great view of the stars. Blue Heaven has many bars, restaurants, hotels, casino and shopping. There’s even a place to get your spaceship fixed or customized.

Think of it like the Las Vegas of space! Let go of your inhibitions and just have fun…as long as you don’t have a bounty on your head.

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Dragon Goes House-Hunting

Dragon Goes House-Hunting

Let’s face it, the worst part of vacation is that it ends. But, if you want to keep a good thing going, you might want to consider purchasing a vacation home. The world of Dragon Goes House-Hunting offers prime real estate for the perfect summer house.

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Let your Elven real estate agent show you an array of locations suitable for your new place. There are quaint villages, lush green fields sprawling with apple trees, a modern town with a castle and stunning views of the mountains.

Every day can feel like a vacation in this beautiful world! As long as you aren’t a dragon. :,(

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Well, anime fans? Have you decided where you’ll be vacationing? These are just a few of the many worlds where you can take a vacation this summer on Funimation.

For even more, dive into the catalog and find your favorite! Don’t forget to share this post and let us know where you’ll be heading. Happy travels and don’t forget sunscreen!