Digimon Franchise Boots Up New TV Anime for October, Adventure 02 Film

Digimon Adventure Episode 58

August is off to a great start if you’re a Digimon fan—the DigiFes 2021 special event in Japan on Sunday revealed that a new TV anime and anime film are in the works, with the former coming very soon!

The TV anime, subtitled “Ghost Game,” is scheduled to air in October this year. A teaser visual was released, featuring new Digimon—Angoramon, Gammamon, and Jellymon—and a tagline that reads “Holograms…? Ghosts…?”

Character designs for the new Digimon from the official website:

Toei Animation will be animating the series. Further details, such as cast and staff members, are yet to be announced.

But the good news keeps coming!

A new Digimon Adventure 02 anime film was also announced, bringing together director Tomohisa Taguchi and writer Akatsuki Yamatoya from Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, the previous Digimon film that released in 2020.

Producer Yosuke Kinoshita confirmed the return of and focus on Daisuke (Davis in English) and others from the Digimon Adventure 02 anime for the upcoming film.

A teaser visual was released, with taglines that read, “The new film is about 02. Now, the gate to adventure opens… ‘I’m the very first person to have partnered with a Digimon.'”

There’s also a short teaser trailer, which comes with English subtitles.

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Source: Digimon Adventure: official website, Comic Natalie