Champion Shows Off Naruto Shippuden Collab in First Anime Line

Champion Naruto Shippuden Line 1

Fashion Jutsu! Champion has officially announced it’s teaming with Naruto Shippuden for its first-ever anime collaboration, featuring a limited-edition capsule collection.

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As part of the “Be Your Own Champion” campaign, the apparel company is focusing on self-love and uniqueness, and in this case, embracing your ninja way, like Naruto and his friends.

The collection will feature items including Reverse Weave hoodies, Heritage T-shirts and more featuring the characters and iconography of the beloved anime series.

In addition to the capsule, fans also have the option to visit a Champion store and create a custom piece. They can select patches for characters like Gaara and Lady Tsunade or from clans like Uzumaki and Uchiha.

The collection officially launches Friday, August 13 online and in stores. And if it’s anything like other brands’ anime collabs, be sure to snag your selection fast!

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