One Piece English Dub Season 11 Voyage 8 Comes to Digital in August, Streaming in September

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UPDATE: The next batch of One Piece English dub episodes is now available on Microsoft Movies & TV!

The next batch of One Piece English dub episodes are officially on their way! We’re excited to announce that Season 11 Voyage 8 will make its way to digital storefronts later this month.

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The high seas adventures continues in One Piece Season 11 Voyage 8, as Luffy and Law continue their legendary showdown with the villainous Doflamingo. Oh, and could Luffy be powering up for a new technique???

one piece season 11 voyage 8 key visual

Starting August 17, this batch of episodes (Episodes 720–732) will arrive on digital storefronts, including Microsoft Movies & TV. And if you’re waiting for news on streaming, then we’ve got an update on that as well.

This next batch of One Piece English dub episodes will officially arrive on Funimation on September 7, just a few weeks after their launch on digital! And if collecting the series on home video is your thing, a Blu-ray and DVD release is coming, so please stay tuned for more info.

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