Kingdom Season 3 Charges Into Second Half with New Visual, Trailer

Kingdom Season 3

Kingdom Season 3 is officially riding into its second half with the deployment of a new promo video and visual!

The new visual below features a battle-ready Zheng and the tagline “Don’t let hope die,” but with a whole cour of Kingdom still to go, there’s plenty to be hopeful for!

Kingdom Season 3 New Visual

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The anime adaptation of the hit manga Kingdom premiered in 2012 with 38 episodes, followed by a second season of 39 episodes in 2013. Both seasons were animated by Studio Pierrot and adapted roughly 260 chapters. St.Signpost, a subsidiary of Studio Pierrot, took over for the third season. 

You can catch new episodes of this epic historical action series every Sunday, right here on Funimation!

Official series synopsis: A nameless boy and a young king have grown up in a nation plagued by war. The boy, Xin, has countlessly proven himself on the battlefield, and although initially starting on bad terms, he and the young king, Zheng, have become comrades.

Zheng wishes to bring all the warring states under Qin, while Xin climbs the ranks to become a Great General. Both of their ambitions will change history forever.

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Source: Kingdom official Twitter account