Villain Takeover Sale Brings Some Sweet and Sinister Merch to The Funimation Shop

Toga Villain My Hero Academia Season 5 Header

The anime villains have arrived! With My Hero Academia Season 5 entering an arc focused on villains, we wanted to celebrate with a showcase on some seriously cool anime merch!

Tons of villain-focused figures, apparel and other merchandise are on sale on The Funimation Shop from some of your favorite anime series!

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In the mood for some Shigaraki? You can score this gorgeous ARTFX J Figure of him to add to your shelf. Seriously, it rules. And if the Hero Killer: Stain is more your style, you can get this iconic FiGPiN for your collection.

Sometimes you just need a little bit of the God of Destruction from Dragon Ball Super, which means this Lord Beerus (Purple Chrome) Funko Pop! is the right choice for you. He’s shiny…and deadly.

Or you could always round out that home video collection. May we recommend the legendary action series from MADHOUSE, Black Lagoon? You can score Seasons 1 and 2 right here on The Funimation Shop.

As always, there’s much more where these come from! Take a look through the sale on The Funimation Shop and let us know what you’re excited to bring home!