The Best Anime for Psychonauts Fans

Psychonauts 2 Screenshot 1

It’s 2005, and you just cracked open your brand new Xbox game. And that strange game was Psychonauts, an adventure game led by a cute character, packed with extraordinary powers and an array of expertly designed platforming levels.

The story follows Raz, who runs away from his family of circus performers to join the Psychonauts, a group of children with psychic abilities. Throughout the game, you switch from the real world to the mental world as Raz utilizes his powers to decipher strange visions and save the day.

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Double Fine captured something genuinely unique and beloved in 2005, and now they’re back to do it again, 16 years later, with Psychonauts 2. But the real question is, once you’ve wrapped up this new tale, what anime should you watch to keep the vibe?

Here are some anime that feature trippy and colorful worlds, insane psychic abilities and a cast of characters that will win you over by the end.

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus

Based on a video game of the same name, Scarlet Nexus follows a group known as the OSF (Other Suppression Force) who take on creatures known as Others with their psychokinetic abilities.

The anime follows Yuito and Kasane, both gifted members of the OSF. But Kasane begins to have dreams that make her question what she’s fighting for, and the struggles don’t stop there. It’s a bit more serious than Psychonauts, but not without its thematic similarities.

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Both series feature children with extraordinary abilities, dangerous foes to face and plenty of uncertainty in their choices. Both also feature unique, colorful worlds that engage your imagination!

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Mob Psycho 100

dimple mob psycho 100 companion creature

If you’ve seen Mob Psycho 100, then you know exactly why it’s on this list. This comedy action series follows Shigeo Kageyama (a.k.a. Mob), a very powerful, psychic kid and reluctant hero. And as a kid, being a hero can be tough!

But Mob takes on some seriously strong psychics (or Espers), many more powerful than him, all while working under the mentorship of lovable conman, Reigen Arataka, who runs a sort-of agency for solving supernatural crimes.

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Mob Psycho 100 is unique in its distinctive art style and ability to balance humor and action with some great slice of life moments, but fans of Psychonauts will find plenty to love here.

Watch Mob Psycho 100 on Funimation!


Unlike some of the other recommendations on this list, elDLIVE actually takes place in outer space. In this series, protagonist Chuta Kokonose can hear voices in his head. And while that might be a red flag for most, it helps him get recruited into the space police force…at 14.

But the voices in his head are actually otherworldly beings, like Dolugh, and their symbiotic relationship with Chuta grants them a potent power known as Space Pheromones. Together, they take on intergalactic criminals to keep the peace.

The world of elDLIVE might feel more ordinary compared to Psychonauts, but its world is packed with unique and colorful alien designs that could fit right in. Plus, this series provides a new perspective on what defines a psychic ability!

Watch elDLIVE on Funimation!

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke and Keiko Yu Yu Hakusho

One could easily argue that Yu Yu Hakusho is the senpai of psychic-based anime. The series follows 14-year-old Yusuke Urameshi, who loves getting into fights and acting michievous. But inside that troublemaker is a heart of hold, and Yusuke sacrifices his life to save a little boy from being hit by a car.

But in Yu Yu Hakusho, death is not the end. Yusuke is offered a second chance at life if he becomes a Spirit Detective. Though, this isn’t an easy deal, and comes with a handful of challenges, to say the least.

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And so, Yusuke and his ragtag group of friends and rivals in Team Urameshi utilize their spiritual powers to take on the baddies and discover something bigger than themselves. Psychonauts fans will enjoy this paranormal take on psychic abilities, complete with jaw-dropping fight scenes and characters you will love.

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The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Out of all of these recommendations, this series features a powerful psychic that’s in the least amount of danger. It also happens to be one of the funniest series on this list!

Having great power often comes with greater responsibility, but sometimes it doesn’t. Meet Saiki Kusuo, your average high school kid. Oh, except he has psychic powers that include psychokinesis and teleportation. His biggest problem? Hiding those powers.

This seemingly easy task ends up a lot harder than he expects, leading to some seriously funny scenes. There are several moments where you’ll catch yourself saying, “Saiki…you are fooling no one.” If you enjoyed the more fun elements of Psychonauts, then you’ll be right at home here.

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